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Dog Bike Trailers and pet Strollers

Double Pet Stroller
This pet strollers, dog or cat bike trailers and double pet strollers are great for dog and cat shows and trips to the vet.

Using a pet stroller is an easy way to transport your pet easily and safely. Your cat or dog can be secured within the pet stroller, allowing them a to have a very comfortable and protected journey.

Pet strollers are ideal for everyday trips like paying or a visit to the vet, a nice trip to the park, browsing around the shops and your pooch can even accompany you in a pet jogger when you are out jogging!

Do you have two or more pets? You need multiple pet strollers. This type of stroller for two and more pets are great for dog and cat shows and trips to the vet when several cats or dogs need to be transported separately, but  at one time.

Dog Bike Trailers from store.Large and medium dog bike trailer

Dog and Cat Stroller

Dog/Cat stroller

Small Dog and Puppy Bike Basket

Small and medium pet Bike Basket

Pet carrier

Dog carrier

Small Pet Carrier

Small Pet Carrier

3 Wheels Dog/Cat Stroller

Stroller for Small Dog

Pet Carry Bag

Carry bag for small dogs Pet Strollers World - Pet Strollers, Dog Strollers, Doggyride

Homeless man’s longtime companion dies

Cheeseburger Disney got it right –  all dogs do go to Heaven and Cheeseburger is now in paradise.

A loyal dog who lived a wandering life with a homeless man in Athens, the well-known Cheeseburger died this week. Plans are in the works to memorialize him on Saturday.

The 14-year-old canine died of a tumor, but lived longer than the veterinarian who provided free treatment thought he would, said Pauline Kilmer, who knew the pair.

“I really think the dog hung on trying to stay with (his human),” she said.

A memorial service for Cheeseburger will be held 2 p.m. Saturday at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1065 Gaines School Rd., Athens. Cheeseburger and his owner, Johnny Veazey, were often seen walking the east side of Athens. Continue reading

Cat nursed back to health after being thrown into Winnebago River has new home

Winnie the cat, rescued from a duffel bag in the Winnebago RiverMINNEAPOLIS/MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) — The calico cat thrown into the Winnebago River in a duffel bag and nursed back to health by the Humane Society of North Iowa has been adopted.

In an email to KTTC, Donna Avery says her son in the Twin Cities adopted Winnie on Thursday. Avery says she contacted her son after seeing a story last week on KTTC about Winnie. Winnie, who now goes by the name Minnie, was rescued by an anonymous couple last week who saw a man throw a duffel bag into the Winnebago River. The couple called police while retrieving the bag, where they found the cat alive inside. Police later arrested William Hill, 69, for allegedly attempting to drown the cat, and he has been charged with animal torture. Continue reading

‘Dog walk’ in Lake Ridge Apr. 26

Prince William County Dogs, the Prince William Parks & Recreation Department, the Prince William Trails and Streams Coalition and the Lake Ridge Parks & Recreation Association will be hosting a ‘dog walk’ fundraiser in Lake Ridge Park.

The 3-mile walk will take place on April 26 at 12 p.m at 12350 Cotton Mill Drive.

The Prince William County Dogs group is partnering with local organizations for this fundraiser, as a way of funding improvements to the K9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park, which is located on 13000 Minnieville Road in Dale City.

Residents can register online, or before the walk begins, for $10 per dog. More info

Pet cremation and memorial urn

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Kane’s dog memorial needs public help to reach public view

I’m the mother of sculptor Mark McLean. He put all that work into the black basalt statue of Kane the police dog and donated it to the Sheriff’s Office about two years ago. We’re both curious to know what happened to the dog memorial statue. It’s not on display anywhere, is it? — Arlene Larson

The Kane dog memorial statue is still looking for a permanent display home, Mom. It’s projected that spring 2016 will see it done, and likely in the county courthouse courtyard, according to K-9 unit supervisor Mike McCabe, a commander with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Kane statue that was donated by sculptor Mark (McLean) of Milwaukie (Ore.) is absolutely beautiful, and we are fortunate to have had such an amazing piece of art,” McCabe wrote in an email. “We have looked at multiple locations as possible future homes for the Kane statue.” Right now, the Kane statue is safely stored in the Sheriff’s Office warehouse, he said.

Some suggested places to station Kane:

• Out in the countryside, at the west precinct and public safety complex on Northeast 179th Street, next to the Clark County Fairgrounds.

• At the Clark County Jail after a future remodel.

• At a new Central Precinct building, should there ever be one. (Not anytime soon, we reported last summer.)

But most seem to agree that downtown Vancouver is where the public could enjoy and appreciate the Kane statue most, McCabe said. “We have identified a location within the courtyard between the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters and the Courthouse.”

There’s more to do than just find a location, though. McCabe said the grand plan is to create a whole K-9 memorial — which will have to be designed and approved by the sheriff, the county councilors and the county manager. It’ll have to be done with private contributions and donations, McCabe said, not public money… Continue reading

Pet loss poems

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Dog Memorial Statues

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Pet cremation urns

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