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Cat nursed back to health after being thrown into Winnebago River has new home

Winnie the cat, rescued from a duffel bag in the Winnebago RiverMINNEAPOLIS/MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) — The calico cat thrown into the Winnebago River in a duffel bag and nursed back to health by the Humane Society of North Iowa has been adopted.

In an email to KTTC, Donna Avery says her son in the Twin Cities adopted Winnie on Thursday. Avery says she contacted her son after seeing a story last week on KTTC about Winnie. Winnie, who now goes by the name Minnie, was rescued by an anonymous couple last week who saw a man throw a duffel bag into the Winnebago River. The couple called police while retrieving the bag, where they found the cat alive inside. Police later arrested William Hill, 69, for allegedly attempting to drown the cat, and he has been charged with animal torture. Continue reading

Cat ‘back from the dead’ after going missing for almost NINE years

When Moonlight the cat went missing almost nine years ago, his distraught owners tried everything to find him, before giving him up for dead six months later.

But now the beloved pet has been reunited with owner Rosie Collier, 52, after turning up at a vet’s surgery two miles away from her house in Chediston, Suffolk, earlier this week.

Mrs Collier, who lives with husband John, and 17-year-old daughter Melba, says the beloved animal is now back living with them and their other pets.

Moonlight initially disappeared while staying with Mrs Collier’s parents, Denise and Chris, in Wenhaston, while Mrs Collier was on holiday.

Rosie Collier, 52 (centre), and daughter Melba (centre left) were reunited with pet Moonlight after nine years when a member of the public brought him to vet Jenny Reason (far right) who found he was microchipped

Rosie Collier, 52 (centre), and daughter Melba (centre left) were reunited with pet Moonlight after nine years when a member of the public brought him to vet Jenny Reason (far right)

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How do I get Sympathy Cat Cat Angel Pet Memorial Stone

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Alhambra’s Hitz Memorial Home among country’s top nursing homes

Hitz Memorial Home in Alhambra is among the top-ranked nursing homes in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Each nursing home received an overall rating of one to five stars, based on its number of stars in three categories: state-conducted health inspections, how much time nurses spend with residents and the quality of medical care.

This marks the first time Hitz received a five-star ranking, Hitz administrator Susan Tudor said. She attributed the ranking to Hitz’s staff… Continue reading

Cat memorial. Fluffy

Fluffy was about 10 months old when we found him.  Coming home from a friends house one night on October 16th 1996, my daughter heard his meowing in the alley.  We went to see what happened, and there he was. Just one beautiful kitten who followed us around.  My son went in to get his dad, who came out and said, “oh no, not another.”  Fluffy instantly took to him, but thinking he belonged to someone, we went inside, giving him a chance to go home.  The kids went to bed, and the weather began to change.  It began to get very windy outside.  My hubby (with a huge heart) looked out the side door, and there was Fluff, stuck in the bushes. He opened the door and immediately brought him in.

When the kids woke in the morning, they were surprised and very happy to have cat #3.  My daughter named him immediately “FLUFFY”   He had an infection, and we got him to the vet, checked out and on the right medication to help.  He needed lots of fiber in his diet to help with the IBS.  Little by little, he got better. He loved his “forever home”, and we all loved him.  Fluffy was a little spit fire.  He ran, he jumped and he did tumbles beyond belief.  Stashia Louise and Princess (his newly found sisters) were totally amazed.  Fluff always kept his girls in line, but Princess was his main girl.

They “slept together” Yeah!  True love.  When Princess passed, Fluffy’s problems began. He searched for her day and night  He truly felt the loss.  He became stressed when we took in a stray and brought in my friends two cats (because she passed away).  He never did take to his new cat family. He developed bladder stones and one in the kidney.  He had kidney disease.  Had surgery at the age of 18 to have calcium oxalate stones removed, only to have bladder cancer take him on March 12, 2015.  He was 19 years young.  My heart will never be the same without him. He will be cremated, rather than buried next to the girls (because of the frozen ground).  He will rest next to them at a later date.  He was my heart! – See more

Artist uses ash in marble memorials

Loved Ones ArtworkWhen it comes to marbles, there aren’t just cat’s eyes and aggies; there can also be Uncle Roy.

Glassblower Vaughn Evans takes the ashes of loved ones and seals them in creative marbles forever.

Evans, a Hutchinson High School graduate, has always been interested in the arts. He learned jewelry making at a young age and by the time he was 16 he was learning to create glass beads and marbles. Over the years he has practiced and improved and now the 33-year-old is a professional glassblower who works out of a studio in Linwood, near Lawrence.

Several years ago, while at a show at the Lawrence Public Library, a customer asked if he could use ashes from remains and he tried experimenting with the medium. Then he wrote a blog post about cremation marbles.

“Soon after, I started getting random emails from across the world, asking if I could make more,” he said. One of his customers sent ashes from a punk rocker in England.

With the help of his wife, Aly, he has expanded the business through his website Continue

Uncool cat! Despite injuries, Bluffton woman doesn’t regret attempted rescue of feral cat

Wielding a Dragonboat paddle, Joy Craig popped her trunk and nudged the black and white striped tabby cat inside until the animal made a leap for freedom.

The Bluffton woman’s hand dripped with blood as she watched her ungrateful cargo bolt for the woods just off the Broad River Bridge, where she’d rescued it moments earlier.

As the stray disappeared, Craig yelled out one last sentiment — “You’re welcome!”

Craig was…

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Cats are beautiful creatures, which people love to have as companion in their life. With of their pet cats, people feel depressed and cannot find the perfect way to mourn the death of their beloved pets. For all such people, availing cat urns from Perfect Memorials can help them hold the memory and cremated remains of their departed cats.

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Create Your Own Cat Memorial Keepsake

Create Your Own Dog Cat Art Pet Memorial Keepsake Box Cremains

They help to recall wonderful shared memories. Having and creating a Pet Memorial will bring comfort to you. Because your pet was a part of your family, involve your family in making your Pet Memorial. Gather materials reminiscent of your pet: a collar, a favorite toy, a swatch from a much loved blanket, photos- anything recalling happy and even mischievous moments. Assemble these mementoes and decorate as you like in your Pet Memorial.

Need help getting started? Included in each Pet Memorial box are suggestions on how to assemble. You will create an enduring tribute to your beloved pet! Create Your Own Cat Memorials are for storing all your memories and wonderful experiences between you and your pet. The painted box, hinged on both sides with plexiglass front is ready for you to add your pets’ toys, photos, collar, remains and any decorations of your choice.
The box includes a sheet with ideas for assembling. Cherished memories of your pet will live on in you. And a pet memorial will dearly hold and pay tribute to these memories.
The “Create Your Own Pet Memorial” enables you to be directly involved in the healing process by creating and assembling a Pet Memorial. An instruction sheet is included with ideas for assembling your pets’ photos, toys, ID tags, remains or whatever memories you would like to keep in the Pet Memorial. More info